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Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life for unwanted animals through rescue, medical care, rehabilitation, foster, and adoption, while empowering and educating the community for the better treatment of animals, and advocating against abuse, abandonment, and neglect, so that the number of unwanted animals will be significantly decreased.

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If you haven't heard about Pokey and his amazing story on the news... Here it is!

On July 9th, two Lufkin, Texas residents were playing the new Pokemon Go game near the Chamber's Park area. The ladies' Pokemon app alerted them to a pokemon near by. They followed the trail but instead of a Pokemon, they found a puppy which was laying by a tree and a trash bag. He was bleeding from his mouth and he wasn't moving much according the ladies. He appeared to be in pain.

They were worried and started asking about the dog but no one knew where he came from. At the same time all this was going on, the ladies received a phone call from a pizza delivery person. They had ordered pizza before they went hunting for Pokemon and expected to be back to the house in time.

The delivery driver asked where they were and they told him they were trying to help a dog that was hurt, the delivery man told them he would wait for them. They had not been able to find the owner when they came back to their house so the delivery man stepped in and helped.

The delivery man is also a certified EMT. He completed training just a couple of weeks prior. He had his medical kit with him so he went to help them. He was able to help and calm the dog down.

The dog has since been given the name Pokey, after the game because the ladies were playing the game and it lead to them helping saving the dogs' life. Pokey was rescued by Wendy's Misfits and was taken to the Lone Star Veterinary Clinic and received surgery to fix his broken legs. He had one shattered leg and one with a hairline fracture. Pokey has now found his forever home and has been renamed Klaus. Read more about Pokey by clicking the links below. 

Links to the News Stories about Pokey

New Additions to the Misfits

Wendy's Misfits is currently in the process of getting its 501(c)(3) non-profit organization as recognized by the IRS. Please contact us at to find out where you can drop-off a donation!

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